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    Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) is the go-to spot for educators looking for the highest quality educator-created materials. With over 3 million free and paid resources on the site, more than 2 out of 3 teachers in the U.S. turn to TpT to find what they need to meet all student needs.

    Introducing TpT for Schools. Now, with TpT for Schools, administrators and teachers can collaborate on getting more of the resources they need to meet school-wide goals. It's super easy and completely free for you to register your school.

    You can also go to to learn more about how thousands of schools like yours are already using TpT for Schools.

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The TpT You Love Just
Got Even Better

You’re dedicated to delivering engaging, differentiated, and impactful instruction to your students. Now that TpT for Schools is here, you can bring even more of TpT’s resources into your classroom — without spending money out of your own pocket.

How Does TpT for Schools Work?

TpT for Schools makes it easy for you to collaborate with your administrator
to get the resources you need to teach at your best.

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    Join Your School on TpT

    Once your administrator registers your school on TpT (it’s free to sign up!), they can invite you and your colleagues to join.

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    Request Resources for
    Your Classroom

    As soon as you join, you can start submitting requests for resources that you’d like your school to buy on your behalf. Your administrator can review, purchase, and send the resources directly to you.

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    Get Inspired

    Visit the School Library to see what resources have been purchased for your school and to get ideas for your own classroom. If you see something you want to use, you can ask your administrator to purchase an additional license for you.

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How Can TpT for Schools Help
Teachers Like You?

  • More resources

    Get more of the TpT resources you love by requesting to have them paid for with
    school funds.

  • More inspiration

    Find more great ideas for your classroom by seeing what resources other teachers in your school are discovering and requesting.

  • More engagement

    Spark more student learning with the most engaging, up-to-date resources created by teachers who understand what works in the classroom.

Looking for another way to talk about TpT for Schools with your administrator? 

This informational handout can be printed and shared directly with your administrator to help start the conversation.