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    My administrator has a rigorous approval system – she doesn’t just buy anything. But after I modeled a 3rd grade reading unit from TpT, she was completely blown away.

    - Michelle Burrus, 3rd Grade Teacher


    Third grade teacher Michelle Burrus knew that the only way to convince her administrator that TpT resources were rigorous was to show her how just one resource could make a difference. So Michelle modeled Rooted in Reading for her administrator and demonstrated how her students were able to view literature in a more holistic way than before. This gave her administrator all the evidence she needed to change her mind about TpT. Using TpT for Schools, Michelle’s administrator sees a huge change in her teachers’ effectiveness in the classroom, as they are better able to anticipate what their students need.

The TpT You Love Just Got Even Better

By joining your school on TpT, you’ll simply be joining a group that will allow you to access more of TpT’s resources with the support of your school’s funds. (PS - you can still purchase separately using your personal account!)


How Does TpT for Schools Work?

TpT for Schools makes it easy for you to collaborate with your administrator to
request and receive the resources you need to teach at your best. 

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    Join Your School on TpT

    Once your administrator registers your school on TpT (it’s free to sign up!), they can invite you and your colleagues to join.

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    Request Resources for
    Your Classroom

    As soon as you join, you can start submitting requests for resources that you’d like your school to buy on your behalf. Your administrator can review, purchase, and send the resources directly to you.

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    Get Inspired

    Visit the School Library to see what resources have been purchased for your school and to get ideas for your own classroom. If you see something you want to use, you can ask your administrator to purchase an additional license for you.

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 Want to share some more information about TpT for Schools with your administrator?

These downloadable handouts can be printed and shared directly with your administrator to help answer any questions he or she might have.


Have Questions? 


  • Can I use my personal TpT account with TpT for Schools?

    Yes! In fact, we recommend that you do. By joining your school, you’re simply joining a group that will give you added features. You’ll still be able to make personal purchases, and none of your personal purchases will be visible to anyone but you.

  • Can I still make purchases on my own if I join my school? Can other people at my school see the purchases I make on my own?

    You’ll still be able to make personal purchases, and these will only be visible to you.

  • How do I request resources to be paid for through my school?

    Once you join your school on Teachers Pay Teachers, you’ll be able to request resources from your administrator by clicking a new “Send Request” button that you’ll see on any resource page.

  • Where do I download TpT resources purchased through my school?

    You can download your TpT resources in your “My Purchases.” Simply select “My TpT” > ”My Purchases.” Anything that’s been purchased by your school will have the words “Purchased by my school” above the red “Download Now” button.

  • How does the School Library work?

    The School Library is visible to both administrators and teachers and is a digital record of all the TpT resources purchased by your school. You can preview any of these resources and see which of your colleagues are currently using them. If you would like to use the resource in your own classroom, you can send your administrator a request for the resource.

Have Additional Questions?

Read more FAQs here or contact us anytime at

*Offer Terms and Conditions: Eligibility is limited to School Administrators or other school officials in the United States with authority to register their organization for TpT, and must be registering for the first time for TpT for Schools. Eligible users must complete an onboarding call with a TpT Account Manager. The onboarding call must last at least 10 minutes and must be scheduled during normal business hours (9am-5pm ET Monday through Friday). Eligible users will receive credit valued at $25 USD to use on Teachers Pay Teachers (“Credit”). Credit may be issued in the form of a TpT Gift Card, TpT Credits, or other form of account credit which will be issued within 24 hours of your onboarding call and in the case of a TpT Gift Card, will be emailed to the email address associated with your TpT for Schools account. All Credit is redeemable only on, and is not redeemable for cash. TpT reserves the right to refuse issuance of Credit at any time in the case of a violation of these offer terms or our Terms of Service. TpT is not responsible for non receipt of Credit due to email settings, spam filters, or other issues outside of our control, nor are we responsible for unauthorized use of Credit other than by the recipient. Terms subject to change.