Ready to provide your teachers with extra support through TpT for Schools?

Watch this video to preview how you can invite teachers to join your school and choose resources together. Or read about how it works below.

Follow these five steps and recommended tips to get started:

1. Create an administrator account and connect your school.

Q: "Who should set up an account?"

The account owner will be responsible for reviewing and purchasing resources for the school. This might be a principal, instructional coach, or department head. The account manager can link a current TpT account or create a new one for free.



2. Invite teachers to join your school on TpT so they can begin requesting resources.


Q: "How many teachers should I invite?"

Start by inviting just a few teachers or all of your school’s teachers. The more teachers teachers you invite, the more your teachers can see what other resources are being used across the school, maximizing opportunities for collaboration and alignment.



3. Select resources based on your teachers’ requests.


Q: "How can I evaluate resources to make sure they are the best ones for our students?"

Easily review resource requests (they’ll arrive directly in your inbox!), or go to School Requests to see the full list of resources your teachers have requested. Detailed descriptions, previews, and user ratings for each resource allow you to evaluate efficiently and effectively.



4. Choose which resources to purchase, and your teachers will receive them automatically.

Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 11.08.06 AM.png

Q: "What if I want to buy a resource for more than one teacher?"

Easily purchase multiple licenses for one resource and distribute to multiple teachers at once. At checkout, choose how many teachers will be using a particular resource, and additional licenses will be automatically calculated and distributed to each teacher you choose.



5. View all TpT purchases for your school in one School Library.

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Q: "How can teachers use the School Library?"

View the School Library to see all of TpT purchases you’ve made for the school in one place. Teachers can use the School Library to browse and see which resources their colleagues use and love in order to support alignment, foster conversation and collaboration.


Ready to get started?

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