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There are many ways we can work with you to empower your educators to teach at their best. Educators can use our marketplace to find the best materials for their students and tailor instruction to bring every student from where they are to where they need to be. More than 2 out of 3 educators in the U.S. downloaded a resource from TpT in 2015*. 

As a school administrator, I find TPT to be such a valuable resource for meeting our most important needs in the classroom. We were specifically looking at how we could best meet the needs of our students who struggle on specific skills, while still differentiating to meet them at their level. I was able to develop a budget for each grade level to purchase TPT materials and it has had such an impact on student learning.
— Ron F., Principal, Missouri

Here Are a Few Ways That
TpT Can Support Your School

Meet Student Needs
Teachers can use TpT to be more effective in their classrooms, whether it’s by incorporating an interactive activity, exploring fresh ideas in best practices, or adopting a new resource to support Common Core or your state standards. Also, since students learn in a variety of ways, TpT helps teachers differentiate for individual styles. We offer a broad range of tiered activities for multiple intelligences to address different student needs. Resources can be downloaded for immediate use in the classroom. 

School districts around the country have been introducing new learning objectives, called Common Core state standards, for different grade levels. That has sent tens of thousands of educators to TeachersPayTeachers looking for lessons to reinforce particular math and reading standards... from more experienced teachers who face the same classroom challenges they do.
— New York Times “A Sharing Economy Where Teachers Win”


Access the Expertise of Over 70,000 Teachers
Our resources are created by teachers who understand curriculum development because most are active classroom teachers who engage with students every day. All educators who offer resources on TpT are constantly engaging in conversations on best practices, testing products with students, and collaborating with other subject-matter experts. Our marketplace is always evolving to meet emerging teacher needs.

Each teacher at our school is allowed to use $200 toward classroom curriculum. I can find so much more on TpT than anywhere else and I love that I can purchase it and download whenever needed. I also love knowing the products will be revised over time.
— Amber D., Teacher, Illinois

Stay Within Your Budget
You can now put high quality teaching materials in the classroom in an economical way. The vast majority of our resources are available for $5 or less.  Plus, you can save up to 50% when buying multiple licenses for a particular resource.

Our educators also offer full curricula that include all relevant teacher instructions, presentations, homework, assessments, warm-ups, games, and activities in one package.  If you have any questions about a resource or bundle, or would like a more detailed preview, you can contact the teacher in the Q&A section for that resource. 


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Teachers Pay Teachers is the first and largest open marketplace where educators share, sell, and buy original teaching resources. Founded by a New York City public school teacher in 2006, TpT has grown into a vibrant community of over 3.8 million engaged educators. With more than 2 million resources in our marketplace, there is something for virtually every teaching style and student need. Read More About TpT | Visit Our Marketplace

*In 2015, 2.6M unique U.S. based self identified K-12 teachers downloaded or uploaded at least one item on TpT. According to the U.S. Department of Education, there are  approximately 3.5M full time K-12 teachers.