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More Than 2 out of 3 Teachers
in the U.S. Turn to TpT

Teachers trust the expertise of TpT’s educator-created resources to deliver the most engaging, effective instruction to their students. 

  • Unparalleled Choice

    TpT is the most popular platform to find original teaching resources, with more than 3 million resources available on the site today.

  • Educator-Tested

    All resources, from unit plans to full curriculum, are created by educators of every grade, subject, and specialty, who understand what works in the classroom.

  • Whatever Your Budget

     Save money by searching for free or affordable resources — most resources cost less than $10, and even full curricula cost just a fraction of traditional offerings.


TpT is the world’s most popular online
marketplace for educational resources.



How Does TpT for Schools Work?

TpT for Schools makes it easy for administrators and teachers
to collaborate and make curriculum decisions together.

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    Invite Teachers to Join

    Get started by sending your teachers invitations to join your school on TpT. Once they join, they can search TpT for the resources they need for their classrooms.

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    Review Resource Requests

    You can easily review resource requests from your teachers on TpT. Each request comes with a detailed product description and a preview to help you evaluate how well it addresses your school’s goals.

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    Approve and Purchase

    Once you review a resource request, you can purchase it on behalf of your school and send it directly to the teacher for immediate use in his or her classrooms.


What Are The Benefits of TpT for Schools?



A Simple Way to Pay on TpT

Make planning more efficient. A one-time PO transaction can fund an account, so the balance can be used to make future purchases. The ability to purchase TpT resources using funded accounts makes it easier for you to plan ahead with your team of teachers.


  • Add funds to your account
    with a credit card or PO

  • View the real-time
    balance available

  • Purchase teacher-requested resources more quickly
    and easily

  • Plan your budget now for the upcoming school year

“As a school administrator, I find TpT to be such a valuable resource for meeting our most important needs in the classroom."

— Ron Farrow, Principal, Franklin Elementary

Schools in all 50 states and around the world are using TpT for Schools to solve real challenges. Hear stories from administrators about how they use TpT for Schools to equip their teachers with engaging, standards-aligned materials that help fill instructional gaps.

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TpT Named World’s #1 Most Innovative Education Company

Fast Company named TpT the #1 most innovative education company — and one of the world’s top 50 most innovative companies overall — for transforming education classroom by classroom. This award comes after the launch of TpT for Schools, which saw nearly 10K administrators join during its inaugural year, bringing more of TpT’s teacher-proven resources into classrooms.

This award is a testament to the growing community of teachers and administrators who see opportunities for new and better ways to advance learning in the classroom.

If your school is part of this community and doing incredible things to support teachers and engage students, we want to hear from you.